ALFI’s mission and purpose is to act as the nation’s advocate for America’s land forces; make American military power as dominant on land as it is in the air, sea and space; prepare our nation’s military men and women to survive as well as succeed in all of the challenges that they face; and help them transition successfully to civilian life.

America’s ground forces have carried the greatest burden and suffered disproportionately high loss of life and limb in wars fought since the end of World War II. ALFI will support those who seek to provide our ground forces with the support they require to allow them to win on the ground at the lowest cost in human life.

ALFI will carry out its mission by:

  • Shaping the national debate and acting as an agent for changing our national security priorities from sea and air to land forces.
  • Educating key defense and military stakeholders and the general public on the primacy of the ground component in today’s wars.
  • Supporting and advocating for defense research and development agencies to create and provide tools and resources that allow our Soldiers and Marines to dominate on tomorrow’s battlefields.
  • Influencing national policymakers to develop policy that favors our ground forces.
  • Advocating for and collaborating with agencies that provide education, training, counseling, health services and other assistance to land forces Veterans and their families.

ALFI is non-partisan and independent of any federal or state agency, political party, or private concern. Our goal is to get to the ‘ground truth’ with objectivity and clarity. Our motto is Service with Heart.  ALFI is dedicated to bringing both passion and proven experience to every issue we address.

Who We Serve

ALFI is one of the nation’s leading advocates for active duty and reserve Army, Marine, Special Operating and National Guard forces; Veterans who are working to transition successfully to civilian life; and American law enforcement personnel defending America’s communities and borders against terrorists and international criminal organizations.

The nexus uniting all of these active land forces, Veterans and law enforcement officers is that they are essential to protecting national security; they risk death and disproportionately die at the hands of the nation’s enemies while serving in uniform; and they need sustained advocacy, support and highly specialized training to survive and succeed in the challenging continuum from training to combat missions to reintegration into civilian society.

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Terms and Conditions
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