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'A Call to Action’

We advocate for a National Defense Policy that serves and supports the current and future generation of Soldiers, Marines, and Special Operators that carry the burden of land battle.

We advocate for meaningful Re-Integration of our wounded warriors into the fabric of our national life.

We advocate for engaging Basic Clinical and Applied Medical Science and Research as a benchmark for preparation in defense of our national community.

We advocate for Supporting and Protecting the Service Family Unit while their members are in harm’s way, throughout their deployment, and upon their return from distant shores.

We advocate for the men and women who secure our borders and protect our communities from those who would do us harm.

We advocate for a national renewal to Character and Leadership in our community discourse.


A Case for Support

At the dawn of each day, the American Land Forces Institute (ALFI) stands ready to advocate on behalf of the men and women who defend our sacred liberties on the field of conflict, from protecting our national borders to engaging in faraway missions, where those who would do us harm must be met and defeated.

Soldiers, Marines, Special Operations Forces, and National Guardsmen, Border Officers and Local Law Enforcement Personnel represent the broad national interest with fidelity as they selflessly fight our wars, defend our communities from criminal predators, and protect our families in an increasingly dangerous world.

They and their families have earned our respect for their SERVICE WITH HEART.

We, as citizens, owe them our highest personal regard and, at the same time, our commitment from the moment they raise their right hand in a solemn pledge to Defend our Constitution, to their return to our communities as leaders, friends and neighbors – as valued members of the American Family.

The American Land Forces Institute was created to be their advocate – to ensure that what we ask of them we also ask of ourselves – that the sacrifice borne by them is not repaid by simple script but by a hallowed prescription – that their service, now and in the future, is a meaningful testimony to the American Spirit and the cause of American Democracy – that they and their families embrace Service not for pecuniary gain but for the protection of our hard-won Liberties. They deserve nothing less from us and it is our collective responsibility to provide them with the means to represent our interests and for we to return their fidelity to duty as a committed nation.


A New Force Building Capacity

The American Land Forces Institute (ALFI) is beginning its operational existence as a 501 (c)(3) not-for profit organization, physically located in San Antonio, Texas but with a mandate that spreads throughout the country and around the globe, wherever our fighting forces are based and whenever they find themselves confronting an enemy, both foreign and domestic. Founded by US Army Colonel Jack H. Pryor (retired) and with a distinguished Board of Directors led by its Chairman US Army Lieutenant General John M. Riggs, (retired), ALFI is engaged in a multi-pronged approach to change the way that American leadership, both civilian and military, and the American people, view the brave men and women who place fidelity to duty before their lives and fortunes. 

America’s Soldiers, Marines and Special Operations forces have carried the greatest burden in all of our contemporary wars. Since World War II, land forces have comprised only 4% of the entire Armed Forces, but have suffered 84% of all military fatalities. 

We are dedicated to the proposition that America’s historic neglect of our ground forces must not be allowed to persist.

Yet in spite of this horrific down payment in blood, this nation still fails to provide our ground forces with the support these brave men and women require that will allow them to win our wars at the lowest cost in human life.

At the genesis of every organization, building financial and organizational capacity is paramount to success. We cannot hope to change a national mindset that has existed for the better part of 60 years without an initial seeding of private funds that will allow us to advocate on behalf of those who are, or will soon return from the battlefield, so that they might be better prepared to accept the mantle of honored warrior and productive citizen. And we cannot expect to prepare the next generation defender of the American Ideal absent vital private support to advocate a new paradigm in how we identify, cultivate, nurture and prepare both our leadership and those who take the battle into the field on our behalf.

To that end, we are seeking to raise $10,860,000 in private, institutional, and public funding over the next two years to achieve a competitive foundation upon which to launch, on a rolling schedule, a series of quests that will define the purpose, scope, and vision of the American Land Forces Institute for the next decade and beyond.

The plan of action is rooted in a simple concept: Arrive at the ‘Ground Truth’

The vision of the American Land Forces Institute is enunciated in the following major goals:
  • To shape the national debate and influence policy makers to measurably change national security priorities to a balanced air, sea and land forces, both domestic and those that represent our national interests on foreign soil.
  • To ensure our land  forces are better prepared than ever before to defend the nation and to return home with their health intact and their hope in the future unbroken.
  • To educate the public and key stakeholders on the primacy of the ground component in today’s national and global engagements and, future conflicts, and to ensure highly specialized training that prepares our warriors to cope with the changing environment.
  • To gain support and advocate on behalf of defense research and development agencies to secure the best tools and resources for land forces so that they dominate the battlefields of today and tomorrow.
  • To collaborate and influence agencies that provide education, training, health services, family renewal, and a viable future in the workplace when our veterans and their families uniformed service is complete.

Program Emphasis and Use of Funds

The Small Group Infantry Warrior Spectrum

Methods needed for selecting and testing the Army’s Future Force  

Under the leadership of key members of the ALFI Scientific Team, the organization will engage in a highly focused series of scientific inquiry using Basic Applied and Clinical Medical Science to defining and testing the spectrum of combatant warriors, from the recruitment and selection process of these combatants, through training, combat field experiences, retirement, and post-retirement, in terms of combat effectiveness, appropriate capabilities in the various fields of conflict, and resultant long-term quality of life. These proposed methods are not intended to replace existing selection and training procedures, but rather to significantly enhance these selection and training methodologies with a set of existing and proven state of the art genetic, psychometric, brain imaging and statistical toolkits that will be developed through rigorous scientific investigation. The key outcomes are how to predict and maximize pre-and-post-combat psychological and performance growth, and minimize the incidence of post-combat depression and suicide.

This proposed funding will support the first phase of an experimental design protocol for a much larger study to be funded by federal governmental sources, one that will assist in determining which recruits will thrive in the small group or sole combatant environment, whether in military or civilian roles, and which will be the most likely to have negative outcomes, and to follow these warriors, frontline defenders, and law enforcement personnel for years and decades following their combat and frontline experience. 


Establishing the ALFI National Center for Wellness, Healing and Research 

The ALFI leadership team has commenced in developing a Center to be located in the Hill Country close to the extraordinary resources provided by the community of San Antonio, Texas. The Center will assist veterans and their families in re-acclimating to their lives as productive citizens in a post-combat, post-military environment.Utilizing a broad set of community assets and infrastructure located throughout the greater San Antonio community and in partnership with local community health care, education, government, and private resources. The Center will develop a broad array of  scientific, medical, rehabilitative, recreational, and restorative programs. The intent is to assist veterans and their families in the often difficult aspects of re-entering civilian life and begin to fashion the next steps in their endeavors as productive citizens of the country. The parameters of the Center Experience will be developed over the next six-to-eighteen months in collaboration with local stakeholders, veterans and their families, and regional and national governmental entities charged with ongoing support of the veterans’ infrastructure. The intent is to develop a template that can be replicated on differing scales anywhere in the country by other organizations concerned with Veterans’ Affairs. 


The ALFI National Center for Character and Leadership

From a program created by Colonel Pryor and Dr. Denny Coates, Ph.D., known as Character Wins!, ALFI will initiate the first phase of the Center for Character and Leadership to engage returning veterans who possess an extraordinary basket of leadership skills, in their transition back into the community and civil society. Often, returning veterans face a variety of challenges, not least among them employment, as they try to stabilize themselves, their families and search for pathways into the civilian workforce. The Center for Leadership and Character will assist them by providing fellowships that allow them to transition into civil society by placing them in opportunities that capitalize on their leadership capabilities and their strength of character. These strengths, honed within the military and perfected, in part, throughout their experiences on the battlefield, will be re-purposed for a civilian setting in teaching and service opportunities with schools, service groups and vital community resources. 
The program will offer six-to-twelve month stipends to ease the transition while creating a variety of ways for the veterans to interact in their communities, advancing their career aspirations and developing a solid network of advocates that will benefit their future path into the communities in which they reside.

Global and National Advocacy

The leadership of the American Land Forces Institute will engage in a rigorous schedule of advocacy on behalf of the veterans we represent with major national leaders, both military and civilian. We intend to influence the course of defense policy on how are country’s freedoms are secured. We will do so by striving to reach the Ground Truth With Objectivity, one of the major goals of the institution. This funding will allow ALFI to emerge as a major force in the discussion that is ongoing within the national community, with the intent to stage a series of nationally-focused Land Forces Colloquia with partners and participants, both veterans and non-veterans alike, in the San Antonio community and throughout the nation beginning later this year and in years to come.  These Colloquia will grow into a meaningful national conversation that ALFI will initiate and in which it will have a growing role as a primary convener.


Two-Year Staffing and Operations

This funding will allow ALFI to build a small group force of leaders, professionals, and support services to thoughtfully grow the organization as a driving force to change the way our land forces are perceived by our nation;s leadership. The amount of funding required to manage the organization is well within the parameters of major charity oversight guidelines. The vast majority of funds to be raised will be applied to programming that benefits the veterans’ community and their families. This is a standard that will be adhered to throughout the existence of the American Land Forces Institute.

The enduring legacy of ALFI will be its commitment to the security of our country and the service ALFI brings to its stakeholders: the veterans and those who protect our sacred liberties on our borders, in our communities, in times both good and challenging.

ALFI Prospectus

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