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America’s Soldiers, Marines and Special Operations forces have carried the greatest burden in all of our contemporary wars. Since World War II, land forces have comprised only 4% of the entire Armed Forces, but have suffered 84% of all military fatalities.

Yet in spite of this horrific down payment in blood, this nation still fails to provide our ground forces with the support these brave men and women require to allow them to win our wars at the lowest cost in human life.

We are dedicated to the proposition that America’s historic neglect of our ground forces must not be allowed to persist.


I hold the strong belief that no parent should have to bury their child, but when young people are sent into harm’s way, they are risking, and too often sacrificing, their lives for the greater good.

As all who have gone before them, our service members are willing to give their todays for our children’s tomorrows. We as Americans owe them the best of everything. ALFI is dedicated to advocating on behalf of these service men and women for the best possible training, preparation, equipment, supplies and medical care during their tours of duty, and for the best possible support in their transition and re-integration to civilian life. ALFI’s mission is to be the voice of America’s ground forces.

Thank you for your interest in ALFI. I encourage you to get involved and support our efforts on behalf of our land forces.



Col. Jack H. Pryor (US Army, Retired)

Founder and CEO

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