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Battlefield staff rides originally were developed at Fort Leavenworth as a means of training officers to “think their way through” tactical and operational problems. Staff rides use the terrain and historical context of actual battles as a forum for sharpening tactical skills, refining intelligence interpretation and logistics planning, and gaining insights into combat leadership challenges. ALFI’s staff rides in Little Big Horn, Gettysburg and Antietam exemplify its commitment to enhancing the  survivability and performance of the nation’s warriors, in the military services and also in law enforcement across America.

In the future, with support from its sponsors and donors, ALFI intends to expand its unique staff ride program to other battlefields, such as Normandy, and to other historic sites that became turning points in war, such as the Alamo and Pearl Harbor. ALFI’s staff rides are professionally researched, planned and led by military historians and subject-matter experts with deep knowledge of the period’s historiography and warfighter’s experiences on battlefields throughout history. The printed and multimedia materials provided to participants – campaign maps, biographical sketches of key leaders, battle briefings and analyses – are unsurpassed in quality and authenticity.


ALFI’s members will be able to share ALFI’s Staff Rides not only on historic battlefields but with each other through the Web. ALFI will provide certain categories of ALFI’s membership with access to ALFI’s library of essential books for staff rides, online versions of research materials, webinars and other events that will transform Little Big Horn, Civil War and other battlefields into lessons learned that are highly relevant today for all Americans.

ALFI’s staff rides are designed to teach the immutable lessons of war, how technology, demographics, politics, command and control, logistics, communication, strategic planning, and tactics shape how wars are fought, won and lost. In addition, ALFI’s staff rides focus on leadership in times of stress and transcend time and place in terms of what leaders of military organizations, law enforcement agencies, businesses, educational institutions and other organizations need to understand and appreciate.

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