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Border Security

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A critical component of U.S. national security is border security.  While we recognize that there is a separation between the military and law enforcement, there are a number of overlapping functions as well.  In general, U.S. border policy does not adequately address the issues of porous borders.  We lack adequate knowledge of and control over individuals, entities, and goods entering the United States.


U.S.-Mexico border security is critical to U.S. national security. Mexico – the nation’s third largest trading partner, the third largest source of U.S. imports, the second largest exporter of U.S. goods and services, and the recipient of more than $100 billion in direct U.S. investment – is, to a great extent, destabilized, if not controlled, by violent transnational criminal organizations engaged in illegal drugs, firearms, money and human trafficking.

Thus far the strengthening of controls to prevent illegal exports of firearms to Mexico, money laundering from the proceeds of drug sales, repatriated criminal aliens becoming cartel recruits, and other measures to bolster border security have not succeeded. U.S. national security, therefore, is more endangered than ever by our failure to adequately deal with a too-porous border.

ALFI is concerned about border security and about the domestic agencies charged with protecting our most vulnerable border.  Domestic law enforcement and border security agencies and their personnel are facing, without adequate preparation, an unprecedented national security problem that hitherto they had assumed was primarily a U.S.-Mexico border affliction.  Our border states, and the nation itself, no longer have just cartel-driven drug, human, cash and firearms smuggling problems.  We face a new form of widespread criminal insurgency, orchestrated by an increasingly interlinked network of terrorist and criminal organizations, that threatens civil government in border states and communities in the U.S as well as the entire western hemisphere.

ALFI is committed to addressing this national security crisis, by working to influence policymakers to develop consistent policies and strategies across all agencies and to facilitate agency interaction and communication.   We recognize that there is a separation between the military and law enforcement, however there are overlapping functions as well.  The military and law enforcement can and should work together to complement each other’s capabilities. Due to the current threat, law enforcement agencies are being forced to operate in a manner more consistent with military small units than with traditional law enforcement procedures, and these agencies are in need of the same advocacy and support as our land forces.

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