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National Security

National security concerns directly affect the roles and missions of our armed forces, their size and composition, and how they are strategically deployed and operationalized.   One of ALFI’s primary goals is to engage in the arena of national security.  ALFI will utilize research, advocacy and education to assist our nation’s leaders to develop effective national security and defense policies as they relate to America’s land forces – how they are recruited, trained, equipped, deployed, sustained and reintegrated into civilian life.  Our intent is to maintain a position in the national debate as a strong advocate for our land forces in all branches of the military as well as in domestic law enforcement agencies charged with protecting our communities.


Our military cannot effectively function in a vacuum.  An effective military solution to any national security issue, whether at home or abroad, must include the whole of government.  National security and defense policies must come from a holistic, interagency perspective rather than just a military perspective.  ALFI is committed to promoting the development of strategies and policies that ensure that we have a true interagency approach to our national security threats.

Through advocacy and research, ALFI will work to educate our nation’s policymakers and will promote stronger and more inclusive national security and defense strategies and policies.

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