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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 23:05

Border Security

A critical component of U.S. national security is border security.  While we recognize that there is a separation between the military and law enforcement, there are a number of overlapping functions as well.  In general, U.S. border policy does not adequately address the issues of porous borders.  We lack adequate knowledge of and control over individuals, entities, and goods entering the United States.


U.S.-Mexico border security is critical to U.S. national security. Mexico – the nation’s third largest trading partner, the third largest source of U.S. imports, the second largest exporter of U.S. goods and services, and the recipient of more than $100 billion in direct U.S. investment – is, to a great extent, destabilized, if not controlled, by violent transnational criminal organizations engaged in illegal drugs, firearms, money and human trafficking.

Thus far the strengthening of controls to prevent illegal exports of firearms to Mexico, money laundering from the proceeds of drug sales, repatriated criminal aliens becoming cartel recruits, and other measures to bolster border security have not succeeded. U.S. national security, therefore, is more endangered than ever by our failure to adequately deal with a too-porous border.

ALFI is concerned about border security and about the domestic agencies charged with protecting our most vulnerable border.  Domestic law enforcement and border security agencies and their personnel are facing, without adequate preparation, an unprecedented national security problem that hitherto they had assumed was primarily a U.S.-Mexico border affliction.  Our border states, and the nation itself, no longer have just cartel-driven drug, human, cash and firearms smuggling problems.  We face a new form of widespread criminal insurgency, orchestrated by an increasingly interlinked network of terrorist and criminal organizations, that threatens civil government in border states and communities in the U.S as well as the entire western hemisphere.

ALFI is committed to addressing this national security crisis, by working to influence policymakers to develop consistent policies and strategies across all agencies and to facilitate agency interaction and communication.   We recognize that there is a separation between the military and law enforcement, however there are overlapping functions as well.  The military and law enforcement can and should work together to complement each other’s capabilities. Due to the current threat, law enforcement agencies are being forced to operate in a manner more consistent with military small units than with traditional law enforcement procedures, and these agencies are in need of the same advocacy and support as our land forces.

Wednesday, 02 January 2013 22:47

National Security

National security concerns directly affect the roles and missions of our armed forces, their size and composition, and how they are strategically deployed and operationalized.   One of ALFI’s primary goals is to engage in the arena of national security.  ALFI will utilize research, advocacy and education to assist our nation’s leaders to develop effective national security and defense policies as they relate to America’s land forces – how they are recruited, trained, equipped, deployed, sustained and reintegrated into civilian life.  Our intent is to maintain a position in the national debate as a strong advocate for our land forces in all branches of the military as well as in domestic law enforcement agencies charged with protecting our communities.


Our military cannot effectively function in a vacuum.  An effective military solution to any national security issue, whether at home or abroad, must include the whole of government.  National security and defense policies must come from a holistic, interagency perspective rather than just a military perspective.  ALFI is committed to promoting the development of strategies and policies that ensure that we have a true interagency approach to our national security threats.

Through advocacy and research, ALFI will work to educate our nation’s policymakers and will promote stronger and more inclusive national security and defense strategies and policies.

The following is an excerpt from an article published in October 2010, written by ALFI Board Chair, Major General (Ret) Robert H. Scales.

Americans seek to solve battlefield problems with technology. Technology is a vital ingredient in achieving success at the tactical level. But dominance on the tactical battlefield is achieved more by leveraging the human, social, cultural, behavioral and cognitive sciences as well as the physical sciences. The weapons acquisition community is still optimized to develop technologically sophisticated big-ticket systems using a process that often takes decades. The innovation cycle is much shorter at the tactical level, where our enemies intend to win and, all too often, are able to adapt to changes on the tactical battlefield faster than our centrally controlled acquisition system can respond.

Washington Post Jan 5, 2012

Robert H. Scales, a retired Army major general, is a former commandant of the U.S. Army War College.

Here we go again. President Obama made the same mistake Thursday in announcing his new military strategy that virtually all of his predecessors have made since the end of World War II. He said:

“Moreover, we have to remember the lessons of history. We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past — after World War II, after Vietnam — when our military was left ill-prepared for the future. As commander in chief, I will not let that happen again. Not on my watch.”

Unfortunately, Obama’s plan does exactly that. It forgets the lessons of history. Some facts: Harry Truman seeking to never repeat the costs of World War II reduced the Army from 8 million Soldiers to fewer than half a million. Without the intervention of Congress, he would have eliminated the Marine Corps entirely. The result was the evisceration of both land services in Korea, a war Truman never intended to fight.

Friday, 28 December 2012 21:33

ALFI Battlefield Staff Rides

Battlefield staff rides originally were developed at Fort Leavenworth as a means of training officers to “think their way through” tactical and operational problems. Staff rides use the terrain and historical context of actual battles as a forum for sharpening tactical skills, refining intelligence interpretation and logistics planning, and gaining insights into combat leadership challenges. ALFI’s staff rides in Little Big Horn, Gettysburg and Antietam exemplify its commitment to enhancing the  survivability and performance of the nation’s warriors, in the military services and also in law enforcement across America.

Thursday, 27 December 2012 01:45

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Thursday, 27 December 2012 01:04

Equestrian Therapy

ALFI is seeking veterans (and active-duty service members) for a unique volunteer opportunity.  Triple H Equitherapy, an accredited equine therapy program in Bandera County, 30 minutes west of San Antonio, needs volunteers to serve as sidewalkers and horse handlers, working with Triple H staff and a group of disabled veteran clients.  This therapy program is scheduled to start on May 15th and will continue for 8-10 weeks.


Location:  Triple H Equitherapy, Pipe Creek, Texas


Time Commitment:

Training:  1 to 2 sessions of 3-4 hours each, to be completed prior to May 15th.

Sessions:  1 session per week, 3-4 hours.


About Triple H Equitherapy:

Our mission is to provide people with disabilities and wounded warriors nationally accredited equine assisted activities and therapy in a safe Texas Hill Country environment.

Since 1995, a growing number of people with disabilities have found healing with the help of specially trained therapy horses. Our professional staff, assisted by trained volunteers, serves clients primarily from Bandera, Bexar, Kendall, Medina and Kerr counties.

In 2011, we served 161 individual and group program participants 2,660 service hours with the help of 247 volunteers and 18 amazing horses, positioning Triple H as one of the top five therapeutic riding centers in Texas.


For more information, please contact Loida Molloy or Kathy Harbaugh at Triple H Equitherapy, (830) 510-9515.

Thursday, 27 December 2012 01:03

Hooked on Vets

ALFI is pleased to announce a new program, Hooked on Vets.

Hooked on Vets will be part of ALFI’s portfolio of therapeutic recreational programs for wounded warriors and other veterans.  This fly-fishing program will launch in the early fall of 2012 with a fly fishing seminar for four veterans which will be led by some of the nation’s top experts, who also have produced the very successful Hooked on the Fly TV series.  Hooked on the Fly has been on national TV for 3 years, airing on as many as 6 national networks, and creates DVDs of these shows which have been sold all over North America.  The first Hooked on Vets event will be held near San Antonio, on the Guadalupe River.

Hooked on the Fly and ALFI will seek to partner with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Inc. (PHWFF), Outward Bound for Veterans, Federation of Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited, the Sierra Club, Military Families Outdoor Program, and other organizations to expand their ability to help more Veterans and military personnel to benefit from a combination of fly fishing and immersion in great natural environments.

Hooked on Vets also will seek to develop a community college-level program that teaches the positive lifetime activity of fishing, educates participants about the aquatic environment and resource stewardship and conservation focused fishing and, wherever possible, works in cooperation with federal/state education and fish and wildlife agencies, and reaches out to a network of organizations/groups interested in helping Veterans and those committed to fly fishing.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012 19:30

Battlefield Staff Rides Overview

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012 05:15

Support ALFI

ALFI is committed to serving our brave service men and women and veterans. We will do this by acting as an agent of change at all levels of America’s defense community. Our land forces deserve the best that America has to offer in exchange for their unselfish service. We want every member of our land forces — starting from their recruitment and continuing through to their transition to civilian life — to have the best preparation and training, the best equipment, the best support, and the best care that this nation can provide. Our efforts include a comprehensive advocacy effort that will affect military and national security policy at the highest levels of government; educating military and defense stakeholders as well as the general public; and facilitating the provision of the highest quality services for both land forces and veterans.

Your generous donation will help make all of this possible. Please support ALFI today.

Online donations are processed by PayPal using your PayPal account, credit card or bank account.

If you would like to make a larger donation, please contact ALFI directly at (210) 900-ALFI (2534)

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ALFI is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization, EIN # 90-0347488. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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