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America at war has been placing sustained demands, pressures and challenges on its all-volunteer force, their families and communities. Multiple deployments, combat injuries, and the challenges of reintegration are having far-reaching effects on not only the troops and their families but also upon America’s communities.

Veterans have answered their call to duty. Yet today, more than 13 percent of our nation’s homeless sheltered population consists of Veterans. One out of every six men and women in our nation’s shelters has worn our country’s uniform. Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Veterans, many homeless, suffering the physical and emotional difficulties associated with multiple deployments, many of whom have PTSD and are at risk for suicide, are not receiving the help and treatment that they need. Nearly a half-million Veterans pay more than half of their incomes for rent, and more than half of them have incomes below the federal poverty level.

ALFI intends to assist Veterans to obtain the assistance they need to successfully transition to productive lives as civilians. ALFI’s board, staff, members and sponsors are committed to ensuring that Veterans and their families do not have to suffer from unemployment, health and mental health issues, serious shelter and housing finance problems, etc. ALFI is committed to effectively reaching out to all Veterans who need help.

ALFI will ensure that the benefits and services provided by numerous federal and state initiatives to support employment of Veterans, house service-disabled and other Veterans, provide healthcare, education and skill training, and other support reach Veterans in manner that strengthens our military families. We call this strategy, its goals and programs VetsWIN.

ALFI’s strategy is to obtain public and private resources and also to create or build on existing local, regional and create networks of businesses, educational institutions, public and non-profit organizations that share common goals and are willing to collaborate in order to accelerate provision of outreach housing, jobs and training, education, health and mental health, and other assistance and services to Veterans and their families.

ALFI’s VetsWIN  will seek to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Enhance the well-being and psychological health of Veterans and their families, including locating and, as needed, increasing and coordinating community-based mental and behavioral health care services.
  • Eliminate homelessness and promote home security among Veterans and military families, including the development of affordable quality housing in exceptional community environments.
  • Ensure that every veteran and their family members have access to the kinds and quality of educational and skill training experiences that will prepare them for beneficial employment opportunities and career advancement.
  • Reduce barriers to housing, education, training and employment opportunities and proper healthcare resulting from service-related disabilities.
  • Housing and Community Development

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