Hondo - ALFI’s Housing and Community Development for Veterans

ALFI is committed to the goal of developing housing communities for service-disabled and other veterans that meet the highest “green” construction and energy-conservation standards and that are designed to meet the unique needs of veterans.

ALFI’s vision is to create a model veterans’ community that can be replicated across the country that includes single-family homes (including handicap-accessible homes); transitional housing; community and recreational facilities/areas; and medical/rehab/therapy facilities. Our goal is to develop a pilot community – currently called The Hondo Project – in the Texas Hill Country in the Medina County/Bandera County area west of San Antonio. The Hill Country area that we have targeted provides an ideal environment, with its unsurpassed natural beauty, nearby recreational areas, and proximity to the city of San Antonio and its world-class veterans’ medical community.

To that end, ALFI has embarked on the initial planning stages of The Hondo Project. We have identified possible properties; we have begun to identify and recruit a team of developers, builders, and other groups and individuals to help us launch and implement the project; we have begun discussions with municipal and county authorities to elicit their support for this undertaking; and we are actively seeking funding.

A long-term goal of this project is to package the resulting development plans and all of ALFI’s lessons learned as prototypes that other non-profit organizations can use, elsewhere in Texas and around the nation, to provide service-disabled veterans with housing communities that are designed to meet their unique needs.

If you are interested in supporting The Hondo Project, you can contact ALFI or make a donation. Watch for project updates here and sign up for the ALFI newsletter.

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